Off Grid






With blue light, professional and recreational vehicles using increasingly more electrical equipment there is a growing demand from automotive builders for full power systems that offer reliable yet sophisticated capabilities.

Past and present customers:

  • Royal Mail
  • Whittakers
  • J S Frasers
  • Oakleys
  • Sky News
  • WhisperPower
  • Jetting Systems
  • Sandwell MBC
  • Levscol
  • Adverc
  • Babcock


Reliable power supply anywhere is the goal that Volt Master Systems will delivery. Our research and development programme is always aimed at technologically advanced solutions, the prevention of weak links and the supply of the highest quality.

Past and present customers:

  • Braidbar Boats
  • R. W. Davis
  • Sargar Marine
  • S. M. Hudson
  • Crown Narrow Boats
  • Piper Boats
  • Barn Owl Narrow Boats
  • New Boat Co
  • GCI Marine
  • J. Pinder
  • Norton Canines Boatbuilders


Suppliers of


Providing on-board power that you can rely on at all times, wherever you may be. This is the mission that Mastervolt and Volt Master Systems reach out for. Their products and systems provide you with the power to be independent, regardless of where you may cruise or which equipment you choose to use on-board. To ensure your autonomy, Mastervolt has always opted for the highest quality and the potency that comes from ongoing innovation. Moreover, they have added something else to the mix… It is their desire to be the very best. The results are clear to see in the exceptional products.

Fischer Panda

Fischer Panda UK has a clear goal: To offer smart energy solutions based on the latest generator technology. By intelligently combining mechanics and electronics, their products provide sustainable, energy-saving and compact power systems that are barely audible to their surroundings and offer optimal operational comfort thanks to their advanced monitoring and control concept. Both generator systems and optional built-in accessories are exceptionally reliable and of the highest quality for operational continuity.

Generator Spares

We carry all of the fast-moving spares for both Mastervolt and Fischer Panda generators and usually can have them in the post the same day.

We can also supply spares for both Farryman Whisper Power and Onan generators.